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A facility, that enables battery research at the APS

Preparation of battery cells for online and offline electrochemical cycling

Equipment rental


Glovebox Rules

General Guidelines  
  • Only authorized users are permitted to use the glovebox
  • All work must be covered under an approved ESAF specifying lab use.
  • Only the small antechamber is to be used by GUP users to move items in and out of the glovebox.
  • All procedures associated with safe handling of chemicals are to be strictly followed. 
  • The check-in/check-out sheet and log book must be completed.  
PPE / Attire  
  • Appropriate PPE for D-030 lab use (safety glasses, covered shoes) must be worn at all times.
  • Long-sleeved clothing and disposable gloves must be worn to minimize direct contact with the gloves.
  • Jewelry (watches, rings, bracelets, etc.) can damage the gloves and must be removed prior to glovebox use.  
Glovebox atmosphere  
  • The glovebox operating parameters (touchscreen) are calibrated for optimal performance and are not to be modified.
  • Recommended O2 and H2O operating limits: <0.1 ppm and <0.5 ppm respectively 
  • Fluid containers are not to be left open. Prolonged exposure of fluids/solvents to the internal atmosphere will impact the O2 level (by approx. 10-15 ppm) and trigger an automatic purge.
  • Care must be exercised in using tools (e.g., scissors, forceps) that could damage the gloves.
  • Watch for low pressure or unusual H2O and O2 levels due to depleted argon cylinders.  
  • No materials stored under nitrogen allowed.
  • No GUP user samples/materials may be stored in the glovebox beyond the time-frame of the immediate experiment.
  • The following items are NOT permitted in the glovebox at any time: oxidizers, strong acids/bases.
  • All trash generated as part of work in the glovebox (e.g., used Kimwipes, weighing paper) must be removed completion of your work. If the removed items have been in contact with hazardous materials such as electrolytes they have to be wasted in compliance with the laboratory procedures.