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A facility, that enables battery research at the APS

Preparation of battery cells for online and offline electrochemical cycling

Equipment rental


Operando Cells and Sample Holders

Argonne's multi-purpose in situ X-ray cell (AMPIX)

AMPIX is a versatile, easy-to-use electrochemical cell suitable for in operando, in situ measurements of battery materials during electrochemical cycling using a variety of X-ray techniques. It has been previously successfully implemented for the following techniques:

  • Diffraction: 17-BM, 11-ID-B, 11-ID-C, 11-BM, 12-BM, 13-BM-C, 34-ID-E(micro-diffraction) 
  • EXAFS: 9-BM, 20-BM, 5-BM, 12-BM, 10-BM, 10-ID, 13-ID
  • SAXS: 12-ID-B, 12-BM, 12-ID-C, 9-ID
  • BCDI 34-ID-C


The cell consists of several principal components: a cup-shaped body , bottom and top electrodes (stainless steel), X-ray transmissive windows (×2) (glassy carbon), and a flat gasket which is sandwiched between the electrodes to contain the battery stack

  • The cup-shaped body is made with chemically and mechanically resistant material. The cup is equipped with two metal dowel pins that help alignment of the cell body with the top electrode.
  • The bottom electrode is equipped in chemically resistant  #16 o-ring. The condition of the o-ring should be checked after each use. During battery operation, bottom electrode is pushed inside of the plastic body cup.
  • The top electrode cap is attached to the body cell with four screws. Using a torque screwdriver set to 7 in.-lb. is recommended for better reproducibility of cell assembly

Electrodes The diameter of the counter electrode (e.g. Li foil) should be slightly larger than the diameter of the working electrode. Typically 9/16” diameter disks Lithium / Sodium foil approximately 200 um thick work best. 200 um thick, 10mm diameter disks/pellets electrodes are recommended for scattering techniques such as PDF, SAXS and diffraction. Thin films on aluminum or copper are recommended for EXAFS, not supported films are recommended for microscopies. 

For more information go to: Borkiewicz et. al, J. Appl. Cryst., 2012, 1261-1269 and Borkiewicz et. al, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2015, 6, 2081−2085

Request AMPIX cells for your experiments: 

Note: Each group may request up to 12 cells together with 8-cell holder. Supply is limited. Please plan ahead.

Kamila Wiaderek
Email: [email protected]

2038 Coin-cell battery holders

Two, four or eight cell coin-cell battery holders for transmission measurements are available upon request. The holders are compatible with 2032 button cells and are terminated with mini banana female terminals compatible with our MACCOR cyclers.

Note that coin-cell bodies with polyimide windows are not available through the laboratory.

Request holders for your experiments

Kamila Wiaderek
Email: [email protected]