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A facility, that enables battery research at the APS

Preparation of battery cells for online and offline electrochemical cycling

Equipment rental



A local electrochemical research laboratory provides 24/7 services for APS users performing electrochemistry-related experiments at beamlines, with a major focus on electrochemical energy storage. Unrestricted access to a professionally supported laboratory during the beamtime and prior to scheduled measurements vastly increases the success rates of the experiments and opens avenues to operando studies otherwise unattainable, e.g. investigations of more advanced stages of battery cycling. Additionally, well-equipped e-chem lab eliminates the need for shipping of the assembled battery cells fitted with X-ray transparent windows, transport of which is regulated.

Before using facility

Check equipment availability 

Request equipment needed

Laboratory provides services on first come first served basis – book as soon as you know about your beam time.  

Submit sector 11 ESAF

Each user group coming to our laboratory has to provide detailed description of sample preparation activities within "Laboratory use" section of sector 11 ESAF. Users performing their synchrotron measurements outside of sector 11 need to submit separate, none X-ray ESAF describing work done at our sector. The instructions how to create no-Xray ESAF you can find here.

Finish Sector 11 Training

For your convenience sector 11 training is available online. 

Get sector 11 Glovebox Orientation

This is in person training done after your arrival to APS. It is valid for 2 years.

If you bring your own electrical equipment

Request electrical inspection

During Your Visit

  • Make sure you fill out activity card and keep it on the designated work area.
  • Keep your work area as clean as possible
  • Keep track of all your waste 

Before you Leave